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Moving into a new home in Prattville, AL?  Consider Re-Keying it ASAP! Don’t buy new locks; let us change the key that opens your existing locks. We will supply you with brand new keys that work as smooth as glass, and you decide who gets a copy!

You will be eliminating prior access for realtors, cleaning and/or pest control companies, previous owners, friends, etc.

New homes present similar issues. Primary contractors issue keys to subcontractors (cabinet and carpet installers, plumbers, electricians, etc.)  Don’t take the risk! Keep your family and your property safe by choosing a licensed locksmith to secure your home!

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Commercial Locksmith in Prattville, AL

If you own a business in Prattville, AL you should be aware that commercial hardware often faces strict local regulations.  You cannot afford to ignore guidelines related to the following: Fire Rated Hardware, Emergency Exit Hardware, Hardware for Handicapped, and more.

Whether you need your office doors re-keyed, hardware replaced, or a complete Master Key System for your building, contact Anytime Lock & Key for a free Prattville, AL commercial locksmith consultation and estimate!


Car Lockouts Prattville, AL

Anytime Lock & Key are experts at Prattville, AL car lockouts. Bypassing the lock on a modern vehicle requires very special tooling. If someone comes toward your car with a Slim Jim, ask for their State Locksmith ID Card! It’s likely they will not have one!  

 Wiring bundles, air bags, and fiber optic cables have drastically changed the methods we now use to open your car safely!  Older vehicles used steel rods for many of the connections inside the door. Most cars now use electronics or bicycle style cables for durability and performance.

Anytime Lock and Key has over 40 different tools for opening your car without causing any damage!

We also have specialized training and materials (available only to locksmiths) which guide us regarding the proper tools and safest methods to use for each individual vehicle.

Anytime Lock & Key has made the investment that equips us for the task at hand!  So call us the next time you are locked out of your vehicle in Prattville, AL.

Greg, Owner of AL&K

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Anytime L.

Anytime L.

Late night emergency residential Ricky rekey Near Teri Lane and Prattville Alabama

Near Teri Ln, Prattville, AL 36066

Map of Prattville, AL
Anytime L.

Anytime L.

Residential locksmith rekey in Prattville Alabama

Near US-82, Prattville, AL 36067
Prattville, AL - Residential locksmith rekey in Prattville Alabama

Map of Prattville, AL
Anytime L.

Anytime L.

Residential I Locksmith re-key Prattville Alabama

Near Fairview Ave, Prattville, AL 36066

Map of Prattville, AL
Anytime L.

Anytime L.

Residential Rekey Prattville Alabama

Near Co Rd 82, Prattville, AL 36067
Prattville, AL - Residential Rekey Prattville Alabama

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"Greg at Anytime Lock & Key did a great job changing the locks out on our new home. If you are moving in to a new house, I highly recommend you having your door locks re-keyed. Who knows who has a key to your house..? Call Greg today!"

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